Tanja Houwerzijl Photography 『Layers of Tokyo』

『Layers of Tokyo』
Tanja Houwerzijl Photography
4.14 - 4.16
<space : WEST 1-F>

Tanja Houwerzijlさんによる写真展が開催中!

Tanja Houwerzijlさんによって切り取り重ねられた東京の手触りに、きっと多くの人が共感するのではないでしょうか?


『Layers of Tokyo』
Tanja Houwerzijl Photography
4.14 - 4.16
space : WEST 1-F

Multi exposure images of Tokyo

All photos are taken on the streets of Tokyo, at the Tsukiji Fish market, Azumizeki Sumo Beya and many other places in the city. Tokyo is a paradise for street photography but nothing is what it seems. There is too much visual material to put in a single frame therefore multiple exposure gives me a change to create my own Tokyo image. Both color and black and white photos will be exhibited.

Tanja Houwerzijl Photography

Originally from The Netherlands, Tanja Houwerzijl has been living in Asia for the last 13 years. After starting with children’s portraiture in Tokyo she moved on towards more street and travel photography while living in Singapore and Beijing. Capturing people in their natural surroundings has her main interest. Travelling around Asia and elsewhere in the world keeps her inspired and challenged to capture the beauty of the places she visits. At the moment she lives in Tokyo for the second time with her teenage kids, husband and dog.

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